Boise Realtor Mark Olson

Boise RealtorHave  you been looking for a Boise Realtor that actually answers the phone and does stuff in a timely fashion?

Ever been really excited to get an offer in before everyone else only to have difficulty getting in touch with your agent so you could? That won’t happen with Mark.

Wish someone could just list your house and get it sold without a bunch of hassles? Then you need to call Mark.

In fact, I bet if you call right now Mark himself will answer and be very helpful to you.

Mark is also a well rounded agent and has some very unique knowledge and experience that will be very useful to you in buying or selling a home. He actively works with everyone from first time home buyers to seasoned investors.

Mark is an agent with Lindbloom Realty, which is a small local company and not a giant corporate conglomerate like other agencies. This will help you get very nice one on one time during your purchase or sale, and you will also be working with a local company that actively supports its community and isn’t just concerned with the bottom line.

And if you want to talk about dedication, Mark recently worked with some clients for over a year, showing them properties and sending them new listings constantly, until they were able to locate and purchase just the right home they were looking for.

If all this hasn’t convinced you that Mark is the coolest Realtor in Boise yet, then maybe getting some free stuff will. When you close a deal with Mark you will get several coupons and vouchers to help you with your move and new home.¬† And we’re not talking about some Home Depot gift card here, you will actually get stuff that you can use. Like discounts for moving services, painting, carpet cleaning, and lots of other great stuff –all from other local companies.

So what are you waiting for? Pick up the phone and call Mark today to get the ball rolling on buying or selling your home at 208-697-8886.